Mar 2009 - Sept 2009

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Mar 2009 - Sept 2009 | OHCHR

In Sudan, OHCHR’s technical cooperation programme focused on sexual and gender-based violence, including awareness-raising workshops; the implementation of a workplan to combat violence against women through the Unit for Combating Violence against Women of the UNMIS; supporting activities of three Darfur state committees on this issue; and trainings for female police officers, as well as investigative officers of the Family and Child unit.

Mar 2009 - Sept 2009 | OHCHR

In 2009, OHCHR in Colombia, in coordination with the OHCHR’s Women ‘s Rights and Gender Unit, undertook several training sessions to strengthen the capacity of the Attorney General’s Office, as well as specialized NGOs, to prosecute crimes of sexual violence in the context of the armed conflict. The project foresees the elaboration of recommendations for a prosecution strategy.

Mar 2009 - Sept 2009 | WHO

WHO chaired the Scientific Committee for the 2009 Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum which brought together almost 200 researchers and others from 78 countries to address: prevention, health response, including mental health, HIV and sexual violence, and sexual violence in conflict.

Mar 2009 - Sept 2009 | UNV

In Darfur, UNV volunteers mobilized a paralegal aid network comprised of attorneys, professors and speakers to volunteer their services. They provide seminars and training to internally displaced persons (IDPs), community members, women and men, youth, and traditional community leaders on gender-based violence, and how to best provide support to survivors and families. Volunteer attorneys also accompany UNDP on field missions with the Mobile Legal Aid Clinics to provide legal assistance to survivors.

Mar 2009 - Sept 2009 | UN Women

UNIFEM, now part of UN Women, as part of UN Action, contributed to the organization of a high-level colloquium on conflict-related sexual violence and peace negotiations, which shared its conclusions at a United Kingdom-hosted Security Council Arria formula meeting related to the Secretary-General’s report on Security Council Resolution 1820. UNIFEM continued to support activities to improve government and community police responses to sexual and gender-based violence in Darfur (with UNAMID).

Mar 2009 - Sept 2009 | UNFPA

UNFPA country programmes, working with a number of partners, undertook various technical assistance and training activities, including: (i) development of manuals, protocols, guidelines and curriculum on gender based violence in Rwanda, Botswana, Uganda, Albania, and China; (ii) training of service providers in Cote D’Ivoire, Mongolia, Nepal, South Africa, and Zambia. Other training and capacity development initiatives in gender-based violence were supported by UNFPA in several countries such as Swaziland, Cambodia, Sudan, Turkey, Romania and Nicaragua.